Blaze Source Code (Redux)

After a Saturday night of disk swapping and casual tinkering, I managed to find all the necessary source files for building Blaze. I set up a development environment in an FS-UAE A1200 virtual machine and tried my hand at rebuilding the binaries. I hadn’t expected the process to go so smoothly.

For those interested in building the game from source, you can download the complete code here. I’ve also recorded a short video about how to assemble the game using Devpac 3.18, followed by a playthrough of the demo level from the binaries just built. Please note that you still need the assets (graphics, maps, enemy layouts, etc) to run the game. Just in case, you can grab a copy here.

I also managed to salvage some tools and work-in-progress graphics that never made it in the demo. I will be making them available in a coming post.

In the meantime, enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Blaze Source Code (Redux)

  1. Technically brilliant. I still can’t believe this demo works on my stock A500 so smoothly. I hope that whoever finishes the game can do so without having to go the AGA route

  2. that’s what I did !
    7zip says it’s an unknown compression method, IZArc says it can’t create the file… on PC of course…

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