Blaze Source Code

Since the last post, curiosity got the best of me so I dusted my old A1200 and fired it up. I managed to load some of my old stuff and even play Blaze on it (but only after disabling CPU caches).

This got me thinking: there’s a bazillion small things I wrote ages ago that are still on floppies… maybe it’s time I moved them to some sturdier media, just in case? Given somebody in the last post asked for the source code of Blaze, I thought I’d start with that. After finally managing to find a disk drive that could read 720K-formatted floppies, I transferred the bulk of the source to PC. Pastebin here: Blaze Source Code [Warning: it’s very badly written!]

Fifteen minutes later, my A1200 just died: assets (graphics and maps) and tools I used to design the maps with are still on the damn floppies 😦

Edit: Not to worry though, an enterprising user of the English Amiga Board has ripped both sprites and tile blocks from the game disk; get them here.



2 thoughts on “Blaze Source Code

  1. Thanks for uploading the code.
    I hope you can recover 1200. Sometimes it is something simple. For example, the ROMS are loosened, pressing.

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