A trip down (video game) memory lane

This morning I was reminiscing with some colleagues about the golden age of the Amiga, and casually brought up some anecdotes about stuff I had written for it. After some poking I dug up my only surviving artefact from that era: Blaze, a platform game inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, which I had conveniently converted to ADF some years back. I recorded a video of myself playing the game and posted it to YouTube. Now, I realise that, being the programmer notwithstanding, I suck at playing the game…

Download Blaze ADF.


27 thoughts on “A trip down (video game) memory lane

  1. I finished the demo and found this very nice and fun , bad there was no soundfx and music , but thanx for this anyway , nice work.

    1. I must still have it on Amiga-formatted diskettes, lying around, somewhere… if I come across it, I’ll make sure to convert the disks and post the source, but don’t hold your breath 🙂

  2. This is excellent work!

    Fast and smooth, with plenty of colour, too. Even more impressive as it’s running on pre-AGA hardware. You should feel *very* proud of this effort. Can you give us some technical details? How many bitplanes are you using?

  3. Very cool demo-version. Fast scrolling, nice background graphics, good painted and animated sprites and also playability is good. Sadly there are no soundeffects at all included in this demo. Any chance, that you finish this one day or at least insert soundeffects to the demo-version?

    Why you finished this project. Because of copyright-problems (similar to Sonic the Hedgehog) or because of lack of time or motivation back in the day? I think this could have been a top-game on the Amiga500.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I doubt I’d be able to muster enough motivation to add things like sound effects to the game nowadays. If memory serves me well, I had included a sound tracker module player in the original source but never got around to composing a tune for it.

      Back in the day, I had stopped working on Blaze because something else cropped up – can’t remember but it was probably school or something like that – so you could say it was a lack of time and motivation 🙂

      1. This game is too good to remain unfinished 😀

        We have a small retro-gaming project and we can talk about funding this and distributing the game with our console. If you are interested, just drop us an email 😉

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