The effects system : Take 3?

I made a u-turn and totally scrapped the idea of having an effect expose a collection of cameras in order to have visibility sets generated for additional views. Instead, I opted for an effect interface which supports both external and internal potential visibility set generation; external generation reuses the visibility information from the effect subtree culling process vis-a-vis the main camera. Internal generation allows an effect to manage its culling strategy and come up with its own visibility set(s) given an instance of the currently active culler. In doing so, the determination of visible elements for additional drawing passes (such as shadow map generation) is fully customisable and active only within the scope of the effect. Moreover, the main culling process, which is concerned with culling objects which are not in the main camera frustum, needs not be concerned or involved with specialised culling instances. While pondering on how to actuate an all encompassing design, it struck me that some effects may actually be optimised through the provision of precomputed visibility sets. Being in control of the culling process, I could now apply local optimisations to the culling process, instead of having sets generated for me by a delegate which is potentially ignorant of any such optimisations.

This new scheme brought its fair share of woes, nevertheless. Since internal culling is now an offshoot and no longer managed externally, sorting visibility sets does not come for free anymore. Therefore, being stuck with an unsorted set, I chose to provide the effects framework with an interface by which sorting can be managed internally too. Again, although the set can be sorted straight away by a call to the currently active sorter instance, some local optimisations can be carried out which a generalised solution cannot provide, which one might as well take advantage of.

This new setup provides a flexible and extensible foundation for effects. Of course, the proof is in the pudding; I will be able to fully assess the ramifications of the current design only once I’ve actually built some complex effects and had them integrated within the scene graph (the first of which I’m off to build is effectively shadow mapping).


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