First week without laptop

As ancient Chinese knowledge puts it: The probability of finding a stock NVIDIA video card for my Dell laptop at the local service centre is epsilon.

I had to regress into developing on my five year old desktop PC during the last week. Good thing I chose to furnish it with an X800 Pro back then; with the laptop undergoing open heart surgery at the service centre, I can at least test and run Shader 2.0 programs. Since the last update, I’ve implemented render targets in the driver abstraction layer, to allow for effects such as reflections and shadow maps, and cleaned bits and pieces of code here and there. I’ve also had a go at implementing a mirror effect, which turned out quite nice. Now that I am in process of formalising the effect system, I will re-code the reflection as an effect node in terms of the new framework.

In the meantime, I’ve attached some pictures showing the latest developments:





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