Month: April 2007


Colin has added an entry about a game of ours, Revolution!, which was distributed with issue 52 of Amiga Computing, back in 1992. In yet another entry Colin has added links to a digitised version of issue 52 of Amiga Computing and a shot of the page Revolution! was reviewed on.


Travelling Salesman Problem Solver

Added a link to a TSP Solver I’ve just written for a University assignment. I will be adding more to this section once I’ve sorted out the accompanying paper.

[Update] Uploaded TSP Solver application version 1.0.1.

The new version features a host of new options, including:

  • import of basic TSPLib symmetric city layouts
  • opening and saving reference paths
  • additional algorithm parameters such as local 2-opt and intelligent mutation
  • a new interface with menu strip allowing window resizing
  • dynamic panels for low-resolution screens
  • other minor optimisations and fixes

Download TSP Solver and be sure to leave a comment.

NES Emulator

A couple of years back I wrote a NES Emulator and got it to work pretty well, although definitely not up to the standard of established emulators such as Nestopia or FCE Ultra. It was a very enlightening experience and most of all, fun. I planned to optimise the emulator and add support for various mappers and controllers, but in the third week, or so, of development, I lost interest. The emulator can play a modest number of games including Ghosts and Goblins, Gradius, Castlevania I and Mario.

Ye olde platform games

I have decided to upload some screenshots of a game I wrote for the Amiga, some thirteen years ago. The game is called Blaze and the main inspiration behind it was Sonic the Hedgehog, an awesome platform game by Sega. Blaze was programmed entirely in 68000 assembly language using Hisoft’s Devpac assembler and the graphics drawn using Deluxe Paint II. Unfortunately no sound effects ever made it into the game. Hopefully, I will make the ADF available for download pretty soon. I also plan to include some screen shots of Androboy, another platform game in the Sonic vein, this time written for the IBM PC. My friend Colin wrote Androboy a year or so after Blaze.

[Update] Alright, here’s a download link for Blaze. Note that you need a Commodore Amiga or an Amiga Emulator to run the game.

In the coming days, I might be discussing some of the technical aspects of the game – it will be fun trying to recall what went in there after all this time.

[Update] Colin has set up a space and uploaded some screen shots from Androboy.