Month: February 2007

Multiplayer Asteroids 3D

Set up an album with a couple of screen shots from a beefed up version of Asteroids we (we as in two friends of mine, Colin and Gordon, and myself) wrote a couple of years ago. The original Asteroids was translated into the third dimension, with first and third person views, power-ups, network play and AI-driven opponents (bots).

[Update] Added more screenshots and a download link here, courtesy of Colin.


A simple ray-tracer

I’ve set up an album with some output pictures generated by a ray-tracer I wrote for a university project. No big deal, of course – my only regret is accidentally deleting the scene files when backing up the project.

The ray-tracer takes all parameter input from a configuration file and is a bit awkward to use; if I get around polishing it, I might as well put a download link in this space, hopefully with all source code included.